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Monday, August 17, 2009

Your Blogging Responsibilities

American Journalism Ethics/F2009:
Your Blogging Responsibilities

1. The class blog. Each week one of you will be assigned the task of finding an interesting ethical problem and posting it on the class blog. The responsibility of the rest of the class is to comment on that weekly post. We will now do the math! Each week there will be one main post with 13 comments.

2. Your own blog. You will create a personal blog to which I will link at our class blog. The minimum requirement is that you post once a week at your personal blog on any aspect of journalism ethics that interests you at the moment. These posts do not have to be highly developed, intricately reasoned, stylistically dazzling. I am looking for quick hits, what you are thinking at the moment. Your main energy will be focused on the class blog.

As it says in the syllabus, your blogging – both posting and commenting – will count for 15 percent of your grade. The amount of blogging described above is the minimum necessary so that you grade will not be reduced. Thoughtful and consistent commenting -- excellence, not just adequacy -- will result in your getting the full 15 percent credit.

I would also like you to take an occasional look at the blogs of your classmates. Any comments you make on the blogs of your classmates will be considered extra credit -- as long as they add something to the topic under discussion.

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The Ethics Class Blog --

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